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I presepi in provincia di Lucca


I presepi in provincia di Lucca

Vuole essere un suggerimento per trascorrere qualche giornata a Natale 2012 in provincia di Lucca partendo dal bed and breakfast Sunrise a Quiesa per raggiungere altri comuni dove allestiscono presepi viventi, artigianali:
Comune di Gallicano il 7 dicembre si tiene la 33° edizione della fiaccolata natalizia.
Comune di Barga  23 dicembre Presepe Vivente nel centro storico.
Comune di Bagni di Lucca IV Mostra nazionale dei Presepi sala Circolo dei Forestieri dal 8 dicembre al 6 gennaio.
Comune di Stazzema Mostra presepi artigianali nell'Antro del Corchia dal 8 dicembre 2012 al 6 gennaio 2013
Comune di Camaiore "Rassegna dei Presepi"  allestimento in diverse località di Camaiore dal 23 dicembre 2012 al  8 gennaio 2013.

I presepi di Camaiore e Antro del Corchia sono i più vicini in circa 20 minuti d'auto si possono raggiungere, mentre gli altri più lontani sono a 40 o 5o minuti d'auti da  Quiesa.


  1. 11/12/2012 (qLNDBxZgXvjlhzlt)

    I lived in Lucca as a young college sudetnt, and was exceedingly charmed by this quaint mix of old and new. Locals from nearby cities told me Lucca is trendy, but I found it comfortable and endearing even as a young woman traveling alone and living in a hostel. I, like other posters here, loved Lucca so much that I was hesitant to go to Pisa or Rome; I so enjoyed the culture and offerings of the streets just outside my room, I found no time to leave.The coffee, the pasta, the gelato, early-morning pastries from the local bakery, the square and churches lit up during a summer-night stroll I would love to retire to Lucca one day; I recommend anyone bound for Tuscany spend a few days (if not more!) in Lucca. OP, thanks for your photos, they're beautiful.

  2. 11/12/2012 (NtgGwhFkurux)

    At last! Soenmoe who understands! Thanks for posting!

  3. 11/12/2012 (IVyplGEtfTkWZEius)

    White Russians make good conversation with your Daughter and Granddaughter and a weofnrdul week end. You did a great job with all the planning.. Thanks.GG

  4. 12/12/2012 (BNKYCHCTefiOZhKeBC)

    This picture of the arch is a stnnuing picture, I absolutely love it. The gate at the far end makes me want to see more! I spent some in Italy awhile back, and can't express how much I loved Lucca it absolutely took over me. That little city is such a hypnotic gem that I returned many, many, times. My favorite pastime was going to the gelato shop across the piazza from the Chiesa. There they had a wooden glider swing, the kind that four people could sit in and gently swing and talk or just pass the time, revelling in the magical atmosphere of the town. I very much agree with Amber, it seems impossible to express how much the magical serenity and beauty of it calls back to you!

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